Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Palestinian Trail of Tears: strong reactions to Joy Harjo’s refusal to boycott Israel

Joy Harjo

The decision by Native American poet Joy Harjo to reject Palestinian calls to cancel her performance last Monday at Tel Aviv University has continued to generate strong reactions from Native American and Palestinian voices.
Meanwhile, it has become clear how invested extreme anti-Palestinian Israeli propaganda groups were in Harjo’s visit to score a victory against the Palestinian campaign for human rights.

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  1. Just because she's native American doesn't mean she's immune. After all she reads, watches and listens to the same media as everyone else in the US. The least informed if not outright brainwashed audience in the world when it comes to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Reminds me of Marcy Gray who refused to cancel her gig in Tel Aviv as well only to say afterwards that her decision was the wrong one. Never too late..