Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Don't mess with the women of Bahrain!

Don’t you just love it when life--or is it, revolution?-- makes chopped liver of all your stupid misogynist & religious prejudices!? It’s like you’re reborn, freed from centuries of ideological rubbish. Here veiled women march in Manama, Bahrain (Dec. 17th) & regroup from various points to protest a ban on demonstrations. The media reports riot cops violently dispersed them but what do you bet some of those riot cops also had hell to pay? The extreme repression & violence against democracy protestors in Bahrain is nothing to laugh at but their intransigent resistance is a wonder to behold & more than anything, a beacon for those of us everywhere who are overwhelmed by injustice, exhausted in the struggle, or who have not yet begun to fight. We stand with you sisters & brothers of Bahrain & hope we can measure up to the standard of resistance you have set. May justice & Allah be with you! (Photo by Hamad I Mohammed/Reuters)

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