Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Interesting! The UN vote on the Cuba embargo — 21 years in a row

For years American political leaders and media were fond of labeling Cuba an "international pariah". We don't hear that any more. Perhaps one reason is the annual vote in the United Nations General Assembly on the resolution which reads: "Necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial embargo imposed by the United States of America against Cuba". This is how the vote has gone (not including abstentions):
Year Votes (Yes-No) No Votes
1992  59-2                    US, Israel
1993        88-4                    US, Israel, Albania, Paraguay
1994 101-2                    US, Israel
1995 117-3                    US, Israel, Uzbekistan
1996 138-3                    US, Israel, Uzbekistan
1997 143-3                    US, Israel, Uzbekistan
1998 157-2                    US, Israel
1999 155-2                    US, Israel
2000 167-3                    US, Israel, Marshall Islands
2001 167-3                    US, Israel, Marshall Islands
2002 173-3                    US, Israel, Marshall Islands
2003 179-3                    US, Israel, Marshall Islands
2004 179-4                    US, Israel, Marshall Islands, Palau
2005 182-4                    US, Israel, Marshall Islands, Palau
2006 183-4                    US, Israel, Marshall Islands, Palau
2007 184-4                    US, Israel, Marshall Islands, Palau
2008 185-3                    US, Israel, Palau
2009 187-3                    US, Israel, Palau
2010 187-2                    US, Israel
2011 186-2                    US, Israel
2012 188-3                    US, Israel, Palau                                  
Each fall the UN vote is a welcome reminder that the world has not completely lost its senses and that the American empire does not completely control the opinion of other governments.

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  1. US/Israel, Marshall Islands and Palau versus the world! And have been at it for decades!