Saturday, December 15, 2012

Juvenile injustice

In an attempt to thwart the gains of the US Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s & to prevent the Black community from forging forward to accomplish the historic task of freedom from racist persecution, the US government has outright murdered the best political leaders, mortgaged opportunist leaders to the Democratic Party, ransacked the Bill of Rights in the Black community, attempted to numb political resistance by pumping drugs into Black youth, deployed the most egregious tracking system of Black youth from elementary school to prison for minor offenses, & used the most repulsive white supremacist lies against Black youth. Racism is simply a fundamental & indispensable pillar of US domestic & foreign policy & the rebellion of Black youth cannot be allowed to interfere with that predacious economic & political agenda. Of course, the rebellion & fate of Black youth in the US is tied to that of Black youth everywhere--especially in Africa, the motherland of us all.

This award-winning photo is by Fernando Moreles, a Spanish photojournalist who documents human rights issues about children, labor, juvenile justice, & refugees. This photo is from his project, “Waiting for an Opportunity,” where he documents the horrific & inhumane conditions for children incarcerated in the adult prison of Pademba, in the West African country of Sierra Leone--where young boys often wait years for trial without access to legal assistance. The bereavement on the faces of these young boys speaks volumes of oppression & humiliation & injustice. But they don’t elaborate the politics behind the unjust persecution of young boys. That will be forthcoming. (Photo by Fernando Moreles)

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