Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Easy target!

They used to say “revolution is a young man’s game,” but the hell with that stuff! Feminism turned the tables on that one & now thousands of seniors around the world are appearing on the front lines to battle austerity programs going after already puny pensions, health benefits, & home health care services. It’s really not a laughing matter since many are too aged, infirm, or isolated to protest, which is exactly why they’re being targeted. Meals on Wheels doesn’t cut it since foods are often delivered frozen while utility subsidies are being slashed. It’s something like the “final solution” for the aged. 

They’re just as ruthless going after children’s benefits, especially benefits for children with a disability, with slashing family income supports & home health care. This 8-year-old Irish boy named Mark Mullen joined protesters from across Ireland outside the parliament in Dublin to oppose the cuts for children. “Easy target”! Our boy's got that right!!  Apparently these cuts have been massive & brought out protesters across Ireland for many months now. This is where that “injury to one is an injury to all” thing kicks in.  (Photo by Niall Carson/AP)

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