Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Barrier walls now built against democracy

One has to wonder if the rulers of this world aren’t certifiably deranged in addition to being undemocratic, dangerous, & unsuited for anything but serving detail as prison guards. During the Egyptian uprising against Mubarak, massive walls were erected around Tahrir Square to deter protestors. Those walls were used for political graffiti & didn’t seem to dampen the rebellious spirit of people out for democracy. Now, under Morsi, wooden, barbed wire, & concrete block walls have gone up all over Cairo around government buildings like the parliament, various ministries, & the US & other embassies. Of course, this also deters the conduct of commerce & urban life. Perhaps the protestors should take a page from the idiocy of tyranny & build concrete walls to close in the deranged leaders with their dangerous foreign allies. Barrier walls all over the world to keep out immigrants & impose apartheid are now used against democracy. Tear down those wretched walls! (Photo from the BBC)

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