Saturday, December 29, 2012

New biography of Betty Windsor: the solution to insomnia

Sally Bedell Smith, who writes biographies of the most worthless people on the face of the earth like Pamela Churchill Harriman & the two Clintons, has written a book on Betty Windsor who she calls “one of the most highly respected leaders in the world.” Eyeyey! It’s titled, “Elizabeth the Queen: The Life of a Modern Monarch” & was sanctioned by Buckingham so you know it’s gonna be hagiography.

Media reviewers were universally laudatory; book reviewers on not so much. Smith say she was given access to all of Betty’s most intimate friends & associates like her dog trainers, horse trainers, stablemen, & all of her estate supervisors. But she didn’t mention the bookies.

Apparently the story is in “extraordinary detail” (that means excruciating, mind-numbing tedium) about Betty’s everyday life, including her life with that creep she married whom she calls her “anus horribilis.”

Smith is a groveler & says she was intrigued (intrigued, no less!) by how Betty thrived in a man’s world, juggling her roles as moochocrat, wife, & mother. No problem, Sally! She just dropped the kids with the nannies & headed for the track.

Every little thing Betty does (& we’re talking itsy-bitsy) is a delight to Smith: Betty getting a kick out of blowing bubbles, her affections for the universally detested Margaret Thatcher (not to mention for her mutant children & loathsome husband), & dodging a wounded pheasant she just shot.

Smith enjoyed writing the book; mostly she enjoyed hanging out with aristos, wishing she could be just like them. But her job could not possibly have been as wretched as that of the poor schnook who wrote the biography of Phil Windsor--a worthless fellow if there ever was one. The Windsors don't have enough gold bullion to bribe someone to do that so they must have something on the guy that would get him hung.

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