Monday, December 31, 2012

Tribute to the victims of misogynist violence

A poem by Indian poet, Musab Iqbal, in tribute to the young woman from New Delhi who died of injuries from a brutal rape. Included in this tribute are the thousands of Dalit, Adviasy & Scheduled Caste women & children who are victims of misogynist, caste-based violence & have been fighting it without support for a very long time. This rape has brought attention to the monstrous & massive crimes against them & against women throughout India & around the world. May it forge greater unity & commitment in the fight against gender violence & help overcome vast inequalities in that fight. Gender violence is increasing worldwide as a political & personal weapon of hatred & control. Every woman will identify with his words, especially those who have endured rape & other forms of misogynist assault.

The Nameless
___ ________ ______

Now, I am dead
But even when I was alive
I was nameless, my name was insignificant.
My body was my name. My body’s form was the identity.

What a name I got
For my infinitude, for my eternal solace
For permanent remembrance, for temporal mourning.
For drum beating, for electrical flash.

I was nameless
Even when I was born.
My death is an addition to the names I earned
A girl, A rape victim, A dead.

These three names
Haunting always, chased me to my end.
I always struggled to find my name beyond body
But the body gave me all the names.

When the body
Defied embryology, I was a girl
When I exercised freedom, I was a victim
When I left the body, I was a dead.

Far from the body
I wonder will ever bodies like me
Will get justice, will the spirit of body fly free
Without worrying about body.

- 29th December 2012

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