Friday, December 14, 2012

The Right Day to Talk About Guns

ct-shooting-koppelman.jpgAlex Koppelman (in The New Yorker ) on the "right day" to talk about guns: "This is the way that we deal with such incidents in the U.S.—we acknowledge them; we are, briefly, shocked by them; then we term it impolite to discuss their implications, and to argue about them. At some point, we will have to stop putting it off, stop pretending that doing so is the proper, respectful thing. It’s not either. It’s cowardice."


  1. Is the best way to stop these kinds of incidents to arm the masses with high powered weapons; so that the masses can protect themselves from miscreants?

    Is the best way to pray more? I the best way to encourage people to hug each other more?

    Not sure how best to impede the dark forces.

  2. "Is the best way to pray more?"
    Yeah, I think praying should fix it..Exactly what you need.