Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The human cost of fighting for democracy in Bahrain

It can be an objectionable intrusion to show people at vulnerable moments of grief. Grief is not a public spectacle. But in Bahrain, funerals of murdered activists are necessarily political protests. Here, activists & family members mourn the death of 17-year old, Ali Hussain Nima at his funeral in Sadad, Bahrain. Police targeted & killed the teenager at close range with buckshot pellets fired during a democracy protest on Saturday. Violence against protestors in Bahrain has a “Made in the US & UK” stamp on it since supercops (i.e., criminal thugs) from those countries direct it & probably finance it. Solidarity cannot compensate for the loss of activists like Ali Hussain Nima but it can prevent the loss of thousands of others fighting an intransigent battle against a feudal monarch & US & UK military & economic predation. Support for the people of Bahrain can be expressed at the US antiwar protests next weekend. (Photo by Reuters)

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