Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Amazon residents oppose Belo Monte dam

Amazonian residents & fishermen near Altamira, Brazil, react to a surveillance helicopter flying over them as they blockade the movement of heavy machinery being used to construct the Belo Monte hydroelectric dam complex. The Belo Monte dam complex consists of three dams, numerous dikes & levees, & a series of canals. The project has long been opposed by the indigenous residents & environmental groups because it will displace thousands of residents & destroy thousands of acres of rainforest, the quality of the water supply, fish migration routes, biodiversity, & vegetation. The pollution & greenhouse gasses already generated during construction are an environmental catastrophe.

On August 14th, construction on the dam was halted by order of the Brazilian Federal Court, which ruled the indigenous residents had not been consulted--but that ruling was overturned by the Supreme Federal Court on August 28th, which ordered construction to recommence. The Brazilian government & private investors are hell-bent on building the dam complex, in reckless disregard of human rights & environmental ruin. They’ll find an obliging court in hell if they have to. Clearly, they are unsuited to steward the earth’s resources & must be bounced out on their asses to save not just Brazil but the planet. (Photo by Lunae Parracho/Reuters)

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