Friday, October 19, 2012

Israeli settlers launch assault on Palestinian agriculture

Ruth Pollard (The Age)

A Palestinians demonstrator is restrained by an Israeli soldier as he tries to reach Palestinian lands to pick grape and olive trees, near the fence of the Israeli settlement of Karmi Tsour, north of the West Bank town of Hebron. Photo: AFP

TWO weeks into the West Bank’s annual olive harvest, Israeli settlers have destroyed hundreds of trees and attacked Palestinian farmers in what rights groups warn is a dangerous escalation of violence.
Settlers uprooted 300 trees in al-Mughir and Turmusaya villages, cut down 120 trees in Nablus, destroyed 100 olive saplings and 60 vine trees in al-Khader village, uprooted 40 trees in Ras Karkar and assaulted at least four Palestinian farmers, three of whom had to be taken to hospital, the Palestinian Authority reported.
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