Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Child labor in Afghanistan

US & UN agencies report on the millions of dollars invested to strengthen the Afghan education system after the US-NATO occupation: new textbooks, upgraded curriculums, back-to-school programs, construction of new schools & repair of war-damaged schools, technical & vocational training. But who’s kidding who!? Despite all the blithering idiocy of the war propaganda, the condition of Afghan children has only worsened from the war. There are no reliable figures of civilian deaths from the US-NATO occupation because the occupying armies do not think Afghan lives & deaths worth noting. But one study several years ago found that over 40% of Afghan children had lost one or more parents in the war, forcing thousands of them to work to support themselves & their families. UNICEF estimates up to 30% of primary school age children are working, often as the sole support of their families. The emancipation of Afghan children depends on the immediate, unconditional withdrawal of all US-NATO troops. (Photo from Voices from Russia)

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