Friday, October 12, 2012

Another Nobel Peace Prize; more toilet paper

If you’re from the generation when Henry Kissinger, the US architect of treachery in several countries on many continents, won the Nobel Peace Prize (while orchestrating a bombing siege of North Vietnam), you hold the damn thing in no more esteem than you do toilet paper--& we’re not talking Charmin! So to read that the European Union, the architect of human misery in several European countries, won the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize only adds to the farce that is Nobel. Imagine that Obomba, who is now conducting war & bombing sieges in several countries won it a few years ago! Can we just write off the damn thing for what it is--crapola!? Look at this pompous nitwit from Oslo, Norway announcing the award! Don’t bother to weep; just laugh. And keep marching.

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