Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Green Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein blasted both major-party candidates for having a “slave-like” mentality toward Israel

“This slave-like mentality toward Israel is absolutely unjustified,” Stein said. “We need to start raising the bar for Israel and holding them to an equal standard for supporting human rights and international law, and ending occupations and illegal settlements and apartheid.”
Stein’s remarks came at the tail end of her response to a question about U.S. foreign policy regarding Iran, in which she accused both President Barack Obama and and his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, of sabre-rattling.
“They’re both vowing their obedience to the right-wing government in Israel, and they are both saying that they will stop at nothing, but that war will be the last resort,” Stein said. “So, once again we’re seeing shades of gray here between the Democratic and Republican candidates, but we’re not seeing what the American people really need and what international security really needs.”

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