Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Palestinian cause gains ground in the American mainstream

Student and new media activism contribute a great deal in changing perceptions of what is happening on the ground.
Ahmad Moor-Al Jazeera
"Israeli apartheid has been permitted to metastasise unimpeded across Palestinian lives - and that has galvanised the human rights community," says author [EPA]
On Palestine, change is underway. Despite the best efforts of Binyamin Netanyahu, Barack Obama and John Boehner, the Palestinian cause is gaining ground in the American mainstream - a necessary step for changing the reality on the ground. Just how much we have gained was evident in downtown Manhattan in the first week of October.
The first Russell Tribunal was convened by Bertrand Russell in 1966 in opposition to the American war in Vietnam. Jean Paul-Sartre and Julio Cortazar were only two of about 30 Tribunal members who gathered to review evidence of war crimes. Their activism led to a condemnation of the war and a non-binding, but morally profound verdict finding that crimes against humanity had been committed."
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