Thursday, October 25, 2012

Join the movement to end caste today!

"The idea of hoping to remove untouchability without destroying the caste system is an utter futility. The underlying idea that caste and untouchability are two different things is founded on a fallacy. The two are one and are inseparable..." - Dr B.R.Ambedkar

One of the most important political struggles in India is that against the caste system where Dalits & other oppressed castes, especially women & children, are subject to discrimination & violence of every kind. It's a historic struggle important for us to understand & support & many have the great fortune of Indian friends involved in the movement to annihilate caste & in educating us on its injustices & repugnancies. Here is an event people may want to know about (or attend if you live in India):

This website is a useful resource for understanding the struggle to destroy caste:

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