Saturday, February 13, 2010

World Press Photo Of The Year winner could not be about the flattening of Gaza.

It's here
So why am I not posting it? I don't know, maybe because I don't give a flying duck, that's why. I'm just wondering (not really) why this particular one was chosen when hundred others could have easily snatched the coveted trophy. In any case, have a look and see why a photo from/about Gaza, just an example, though breathtaking, could not have that honor.


  1. Even photos are not free from being packed with political implications,  so they put something totally banal up there

  2. Why did you not post it? I would have suggested -
    a) because it's crap
    b) because its crap devoid of any meaning, apart from that imposed on it by the photographer (or labeller)

    It's a picture of a building at night. There is an insignificant figure discernible on the roof, adding little to the composition. I thought it was someone who'd gone up there for a smoke. But, we are informed, she's shouting anti-government slogans. We take it on trust that the photographer spoke Farsi and understood what she was shouting, that he wouldn't lie - that she was shouting at all.
    "Take your protests somewhere else," she shouted, "I've just got the kids off to sleep." (Just another possible interpretation.)

  3. Of all possible winners it had to be about the bad guy of the moment, (no not Israel godforbid!)  but Iran.  Imagine the winning entry for example, anything showing Israel in a bad light making the round of news rooms around the world, widely exposed.  Couldn't happen and not going to happen. "Bomb Iran" is the slogan of the moment. This photo doesn't state that directly of course, but it just contributes its little 2 cents.

  4. The photo of the teenage thug tossing wine on the Palestinian woman did win THIRD PRIZE. It was not ignored.

  5. <span><span>I know and said so in the upper post (the headline). Check it out.  
    The difference between the top prize and second or third is huge in terms of exposure. </span></span>

  6. Plus this one of Gaza won 2nd place!