Monday, February 8, 2010

How a Murdoch owned paper see the war on Gaza

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  1. Whether the Hamas political leadership authorized it or not, Hamas fighters used Gazan civilians as Human shields. The Hamas fighters were scared of getting killed; and moreover the Hamas chain of command was damaged and no longer controlled its militia.

    Note, I don't know if the Hamas political leadership authorized human shields or not.

    You don't go to war before you are ready. The Hamas army was years away from being ready to take on the IDF. Hamas' political leadership was very foolish to wage a premature war. This is why Hamas lost 800 dead fighters, including many senior Cadre; compared to about 15 (maybe 20) IDF. (Not refering to the more than 500 civilians who died.)

    If Hamas and the PA were smart, they would form an alliance with the GoI and its Iraqi Army (the best quality army in the Arab world.) If the Iraqis trained the Palestinians Security Forces and Hamas fighters; there would be a significant improment in Palestinian capacity.

  2. <span>Steve Coll proposes the following solution for India/Pakistan:  
    "quoted Manmohan Singh as saying that India was "very close to a non-territorial settlement" in 2007. I love that language. Because that's the right way to think about this. What you're trying to do in Kashmir is to buy time for these other effects to take hold, and for both countries to share a period of war-free economic growth, middle class formation and cultural accommodation. It doesn't have to be peace, love and harmony. It just needs to be normalisation - the sort that you see between Serbia and Croatia.  
    In order to buy that 20 years, you don't have to settle every line on the map. You have to put in place a framework in which you agree on some broad principles and agree to no longer pursue those goals through violence. It's just creating a framework where the broader process of peaceful economic and cultural integration can occur. That's the only way forward."  
    Could this be an idea for Palestine and Israel. If the Palestinian goal is a one state solution (one person, one vote, free plural democracy), might this be one way to consider going about it?  
    What is the Palestinian goal? Is it a two state solution (end to occupation)? Or is it reunification, merging with Israel, and civil rights?  
    I saw a Palestinian poll where 53% favored a one state solution.</span>

  3. I am trying to understand the current Abbas/Fayyed/Hamas strategy of resistance.

    This quote from Steve Coll might be relavent.

    When Musharraf tried to persuade the Pakistani Army Corps commmanders to negotiate a peace treaty with respect ot Kashmir in 2007, "there were three winning arguments. One was that if we want to modernise an army and defend Pakistan's territorial integrity while India modernises its army, we need more money than our current growth rates can support. We already take a huge share of Paksitan's GDP. We need the whole pie to grow. We need economic peace just to defend ourselves. The second argument was that we can achieve acceptable goals in Kashmir by political means that we cannot by guerilla violence. Let's accept it, our strategy isn't working. The Indians have defeated the insurgency, they have been able to create enough political normalcy in their part of Kashmir. We can keep throwing rocks, but why not create an outcome that history will recognise as just through political negotiations. The final argument was international legitimacy. The Pakistani army for all of it crazy self-defeating policies also craves recognition as a legitimate army, an unusually good fighting force. Musharraf personally wanted to go Oslo and be awarded the peace prize with Manmohan Singh (laughs). These factors are still there in the psyche"

    Might Hamas/Abbas/Fayyed share the same three views?:
    1) Grow the Palestinian economy over the medium term so that Palestine has the resources to win their own freedom over the long run
    2) Nonviolent resistance is more effective and more consistent with Palestinian values and goodness.
    3) Palestinians want international support and legitimacy because this increases Palestinian leverage over Israel; which helps Palestine win her own freedom.

  4. Only 2 days ago I posted this:
    Desmond Travis, co-author of the Goldstone report found no evidence Hamas used Human shields.
    Desmond Travis – <span>We found no evidence for the human shield phenomenon but, to be honest, I did expect to come across it.</span>
    HC – So who made these allegations (against Hamas) in the first place?
    DT – The Israelis.

  5. Anan you're a propagandist of the worst kind..Your outrageous claims and lies are proof. We provide you with material to debunk your crap but you never read..

  6. <span>"Better not if your sense of smell is acute"</span>
    Funny, my wife declared from another room "there is a bad smell in the house , can you smell it ?" , and this was when i enlarged the picture.
    Not kidding.

  7. Or mybe anan's crap..You never know..He's repeating the myth of human shields. That's a big smelly one..

  8. You should not be making fun of vza's primary source :)

  9. As always, I am truly touched you take time out from the barricades to share that little bon mot!