Friday, February 5, 2010

"The Hasbara Buster " coins two terms.. Which one is it?

The Hasbara Buster (see blogroll) is an excellent "another" anti-Zionist blog. In one post where he probes the racism that many Israelis( Settlers but not only) seem to enjoy wallowing in, he's wondering how to name this general feeling symetrical in its outlines/congruent to that of Anti-Semitism, towards the "others". "Anti-Gentilism"? "Goyophobia"? I made the humble suggestion, in a comment, of 'Semito-Fascism'. Am I off the mark, off the rails here? I wish Joe (and others) could be of a little help..


  1. Hmmmm...I have to give it some thought, but if we are going to give it a phobia suffix, then the whole term should have Latin roots, like when they give scientific names. I looked up the Latin word for gentile, and it's "gentilis", so at the moment I am leaning toward something along the lines of "gentiliphobia".

  2. I think it rolls of the tongue easier than the other three suggestions.

  3. Judaeoparanoia? I noticed in the "Hitler was right" video (below) someone says "If they return to Europe they will be slaughtered"; as if Europe is now "judenrein" and we're all nostalgically yearning for a pogrom. But of course that's what Israeli kids will be taught.