Monday, February 15, 2010

Alan Dershowitz: Ethnic cleansing is a fifth-rate issue, akin to urban renewal.

In the article I just posted I found this "pearl" from Dershowitz that I deem worth highlighting and reposting. What's at work here is not mere disdain for humanity, it goes further to a denial of humanity:

"Alan Dershowitz and Melanie Phillips are two of the most prominent figures sent in to attack anyone who disagrees with the Israeli right. Dershowitz is a lawyer, Harvard professor and author of The Case For Israel. He sees ethnic cleansing as a trifling matter, writing: "Political solutions often require the movement of people, and such movement is not always voluntary ... It is a fifth-rate issue analogous in many respects to some massive urban renewal."

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  1. This is nothing new,  the dufus has used this same "argument" before,  here is an instance of its use in 1999.  He is a old dog that needs to be retired -