Saturday, March 3, 2012

Global Research and libertarian conspiracy theories

Global Research is a popular website many progressives use for political analyses that does serious political disservice to activists & those trying to understand what is going on in this world. Michel Chossudovsky & most writers on that site use libertarian theoretical methods & conspiracy theories, think the world is run by CIA & Mossad agents, & make little reference to an oligarchic elite. They have no respect or trust whatsoever in working people acting as agents for social change so every time a crowd gathers, they yell “black op”. They have written that the entire Arab Spring, the Occupy movement, & the Syrian revolt against Assad’s dictatorship are black ops. Their political analyses are shameful & demoralizing travesties. What they indicate quite clearly is the estrangement & isolation of Chossudovsky, et al, from actual social movements. Any activist could give a better analysis of the conflicts within social movements. Police agents are unavoidably an ubiquitous part of them & always have been. But activists wanting to fight injustice & make a better world are the mass & background of every movement & every revolution--not agents provocateurs. Intelligent political thinking & activism among working people is something Chossudovsky does not accept. To him every social movement is a CIA/Mossad bag job. In fact, it is Global Research that is a theoretical bag job & black hole. This article makes that perfectly clear.

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  1. Compounding the problem is that other prominent news services for progressives like RT TV (state-owned by Russia) and Press TV (state-owned by Iran) are also profligate in the use of “experts” who are not just libertarian but outright disreputable (like the LaRouchite, Webster G. Tarpley & Susan Lindauer). Press TV, for obvious reasons, & also RT TV promote Sukant Chandan (an outright antisemitic) as an expert on Syria. It’s not clear this “expert” isn’t more a second-rate political fiction writer. As far as I can tell, he emerged as an “expert” from MRZine less than a year ago but would be ideologically right at home at Global Research.