Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Vanity thy name is male!

In another groundbreaking study where science investigates the worthless to conclude the pointless, researchers found that narcissism in men stresses them out. That’s worth a few hurrahs. They made a distinction between unhealthy & healthy narcissism--from entitlement to a presumption of leadership--subtleties that elude most. The researchers are real sharpies even if they’re 50 years behind the women’s movement in finding that social norms of masculinity conform to definitions of narcissism. They measured something called “passive drool” which isn’t what happens when narcissists look in the mirror at themselves (that’s active drool) but what happens when no one other than their mothers recognize their superiority. Call me callous, but why should anyone care that narcissism stresses out self-adoring men when for women it’s a living hell!?

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