Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Is it over yet?

Betty & the gargoyle are beaming ear to ear since they think they’ve hit pay dirt with the new generation of moochocrats: WWWWilly, KKKKaty, & Hairy (signifying primal idiocy), now referred to in US media as the “People’s Prince”. Hairy, the man of a dozen apologies for a dozen racist comments against Blacks, Pakistanis, & Arabs, is now doing photo ops galore with Black children to redeem his public image. It’s clear now this diamond jubilee gig will end long before it’s begun to be a pleasure. Tours of charities, tours of former colonies, groupies waving the imperial flag like mad. It looks to be a year chock full of unseemly deference & feudal homage--mostly by the US media. Mark my words, any anatomy of the cheering throngs would turn up ham actors, government officials & their kids, social climbers, & others bribed & coerced into service. (Photo by Leon Neal/AP)

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