Thursday, March 22, 2012

Immigration is a human right punishable by murder

Family members of Elmer Constantino Castro Andres grieve as they receive his coffin at an air force base in Guatemala City yesterday. The bodies of eleven Guatemalan citizens murdered while migrating to the US were returned to their families from Mexico after DNA testing confirmed their identities. Media accounts differ on whether they were found among a group of 193 immigrants in a mass grave in April 2011 or in a group of 72 found in August 2010, both in the northern Mexico state of Tamaulipas. Mexican officials say they were killed by members of the Zeta drug cartel. A more likely explanation involves the Mexican military, which acknowledges the deaths of nearly 50,000 Mexican civilians in the drug war which has bagged few drug dealers. May these victims RIP. And may we remember them as we stand in opposition to US & Mexican immigration policy. (Photo by Rodrigo Abd/AP)

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