Monday, March 5, 2012

The era of TMI

Today, Brangelina were spotted at McDonald’s drive-thru, Justin Bieber pulled a prank on Taylor Swift, Lindsay Lohan was on SNL, & celebrity botched nose jobs & face lifts are held up for public ridicule. Can’t a starving girl even grab a happy meal without an audience? Is there anything they do that doesn’t get fawned over like it actually was news? What happened to privacy? The nosy gossip TMI factor shows up everywhere & with reality TV seems to be taking over popular culture when it used to be consigned to movie magazines. It’s a bread & circuses thing with a distinct feudal miasma (teaching people to scrape & bow before wealth) but it’s better than Nyquil for insomnia. (Btw, Angelina's right leg is in the back seat.)

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  1. From a blog I follow, "The Virtual Linguist" -

    "Young American women are increasingly copying celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Britney Spears and introducing the technique of vocal fry into their speech "No waaaaaaaay" and "Oh my Gaaaaaaahhhd"). Technically, vocal fry is the lowest vocal register and the resulting sound is low and croaky. The technique enables singers to hit low notes and to make them last."