Thursday, March 15, 2012

Slick & Slicker "saving" Africa

Some people call Clowney a heart throb but they may be lowballing sex appeal. Let’s be frank, he’s got fishy eyes & his episodic forays into international politics--morphing from playboy into humanitarian & back again--are mighty suspicious. Clowney has made highly-publicized trips to Sudan, hanging out with a shady character named John Prendergast & he always comes back shooting his mouth off about the need for US military involvement in Africa. Prendergast, his guide to colonialism, is a telling study in how covert agents operate & how the oligarchs attempt to preempt human rights from genuine activists & use the language to advance a military & colonial agenda. Prendergast is touted all over the media as a human rights activist in Africa--in other words, another great white savior. There isn’t a media genre he hasn’t invaded in his safari outfits & where he isn’t treated like a self-sacrificing hero: he does op-eds, articles, news interviews, documentaries, books, even “Law & Order” episodes. For over 25 years he has been involved in Sudan, Darfur, & claims he was instrumental in the secession of South Sudan into a separate country. You can bet your bottom dollar, he’s involved in the chaos & trauma of the entire region--with Chinese oil exploration a primary concern. He is weighing in heavy on the side of “Kony 2012” & may even be involved in the making of this political mockery. If you take a close look at who this guy answers to you’ll see his humanitarian credentials stink to high heaven. His colluders include Obama, the Clintons, Susan Rice, the National Security Council, & several foundations that are nothing but fronts for US foreign policy in Africa. You can’t have it both ways in politics: you can’t serve power & oppose power at the same time. In other words, his mission is to advance US economic & military interests in Africa, not human rights, & nothing he says can be trusted. Clowney just returned from the border of Sudan & South Sudan & with Prendergast coaching him, testified to a Senate hearing about war crimes he witnessed & urging more US military engagement. For this he was rewarded with a seat next to Michelle Obama at a state dinner. (Some people sell their puny souls for a pittance & a little flattery.) But the case for US military engagement in Africa is being built--lie by lie, with phony documentaries, movie stars & everything else they can marshall. Here Clowney & Prendergast enter the Senate hearing to spew their lies. This campaign must be answered with a resounding, "Hands off Africa".  (Photo by Kris Connor)


  1. Grandstanding George pulled a movie stunt/protest outside the Sudan embassy today and got cuffed, arrested, and hauled off in his limousine. No mention is made in the several media accounts of why he was arrested. This would be called a bag job. Millions protest in this country without getting arrested. What did Clowney do? Moon the embassy?

  2. SH! Don't mention Israel/Palestine.