Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Thwarting a popular revolution against tyranny

This Syrian woman recovers from severe injuries while grieving the loss of her husband & two children killed when the Syrian army of Assad shelled their home in Idlib, north Syria last Saturday. Many claim the massive social unrest in Syria is political theater fomented by the CIA & Mossad & that Assad is unfairly maligned as a dictator. Yet none of the Arab uprisings are as documented in thousands of videos going back nearly a year as the Syrian uprising. It’s clear nefarious special ops have moved into the situation to thwart the popular revolution against dictatorship & create a mess as they did in Libya. But to consider it an orchestration manipulated in Washington & Tel Aviv is to abandon the democracy movement in Syria & hand their heads to the US & NATO. It may be a contradictory situation, but what’s the dialectic for? Despite important differences on the character of the Syrian revolt, we can unite in demanding “US-NATO forces hands off Syria.” (Photo by Rodrigo Abd/Associated Press)

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