Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Protests against IMF-mandated fuel increases

Thousands of people have been protesting across Southeast Asia, Africa, & Europe-- Nepal, Philippines, Indonesia, Nigeria, Romania, & many other countries against IMF-mandated fuel price increases which will increase the price of other goods, especially basic necessities. Protestors focus on government offices, gas & oil company headquarters & at least in Philippines have duked it out with riot cops. In Indonesia today, thousands protesting at the presidential palace were surrounded by a cordon of more than 15,000 riot police. The protestors carried signs describing the president as “100-percent neoliberal” & calling on unions, students, working people to join the protests. The price increases in Indonesia are scheduled for April 1st & organizers appear to be determined to mobilize massive opposition to them. With such an overwhelming police presence, one wonders why this cop in Jakarta seems to be cowering behind his shield during the protest. (Photo by Mast Irham/EP)

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