Monday, March 12, 2012

Boycott Israeli ethnic cleansing

Grieving & dying are usually private moments but the massive scale of US & Israeli war crimes have made them so public that even the wretched lies of media cannot hide the horror. This weekend, we saw a US soldier massacre Afghani civilians in their beds & relentless Israel bombers in Gaza murder 23 people & injure 60 others, including many children. Last week, this young Palestinian man, named Zakariya Abu Eram, was murdered when an Israeli soldier opened fire on a man he claimed attacked him with a knife. Although Eram was not involved in the alleged attack, the Israeli military claims he was an accomplice. The photographic record is replete with documentation of Israeli soldiers with tear gas, grenades, rubber bullets,  live ammunition, & bombers, going up against unarmed Palestinians. That’s the nature of occupation & ethnic cleansing. Here Palestinian women grieve over Eram in the West Bank town of Yatta as they are grieving in Gaza & Afghanistan. Boycott Israeli goods to support Palestinians in their struggle against apartheid. (Photo by Bernat Armangue/AP)

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