Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Stories you won't see in the US media

Mariam El-Sharif was born a year ago into a world of conflict and violence.


  1. But Americans have access to foreign media online. Thanks for linking to that sad story. 

  2. That was a terrible tragic story TGIA,  a place like this is needed where the concentration of the impact of what is taking place is enlivened. The MSM pervades both conventional and online media,  it is like a plague that needs to be stamped out.  When it is crippled (this propagandist media) beyond remedy it is only the job half done,  than leadership and direction needs to be applied to make effective change for children like Mariam. 

  3. I suggest that you wouldn't hear it on the BBC TV news either. The BBC website seems to have a completely different ethos from that of the radio and TV services, though I'm not familiar with the BBC world service.
    I have seen no reference to the Cairo/Gaza standoff on any British TV station, but I found a report on the BBC website.