Friday, December 25, 2009

‘Newsweek’ columnist endorses Goldstone Report

"I’m doing something good this Christmas; I’m reading the Goldstone Report. It’s amazing. I never did read it through. It’s the greatest work by a Jewish writer since Norman Mailer left town. No it’s not literary, but it’s a fervent effort to give dignity to the lives of Palestinian civilians gunned down in their homes because Israeli soldiers were pursuing a policy of frightening the population and "communicating" with bullets.

I see now why the Goldstone report will resonate for a long time. Because it’s overwhelming. Because its findings are inarguable– or so far uncontested. Because it’s been nullified by the Israel lobby, and this offends the world, when civilians are wantonly murdered and there is zero accountability.

15 civilians killed when a mosque is hit by a missile; Israel denies it hit the mosque. 22 huddled civilians killed when a house is blown up. Israel says it was going for a weapons storage facility next door, and apologizes; but it never did went after any other house in the neighborhood and had plenty of time to do so, so Goldstone dismisses the explanation. 35 civilians killed when mortars are lobbed into the street outside a UN school, where hundreds have gathered. Israel says it got a "well known" Hamas fighter. And gives the name of a boy, 13 years old.

And here, on Christmas Eve, is Christopher Dickey in Newsweek, imagining Jesus in Israel/Palestine."
Philip Weiss/Mondoweiss


  1.   Sixty plus years of shootouts with the Zionists have always gone badly for the Palis, nothing new here.It still seems possible that the Magic Negro could man-up ,and help bring the rather modest improvements to the Palis that I imagine :
    their own Whoopie Cushion at the UN , a little more fresh air and leg room in the Pali-prison, and FINALLY, BORDERS for the ever growing little state of Israel. I know that's not much,but it could be a big improvement for the Palis.Peace may be a thousand miles in the future,this would be a first step.
             Perhaps,because I'm a Christian,I over value the importance of the religious property, but if the Palis can stand on the Rock ,and proclaim that they've STOPPED the Zionist onslaught at the Wailing Wall, then Moslems might feel at least slightly more disposed to accept the existance of Israel.
    That would require the spirit of God's Gift that we celebrate today.
    Merry Christman\s !

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