Thursday, December 31, 2009

A new grassroots movement dawning?

I added Helena Cobban's new site,Fair Policy, Fair Discussion to the blog roll. She has this excellent new entry about Gaza
DC vigil for Gaza: A new grassroots movement dawning?
"Somehow, so long as the Palestinian question was seen as one being handled primarily by negotiators huddled far away from the gaze of outsiders– something we might call the “Taba Syndrome”– then it always felt very hard to mount any effective public solidarity movement around that. Especially when you could always suspect that many of the “Palestinian” negotiators already had second and third passports tucked handily into their back pockets; that they had long ago thrown in their lot 100% with the “western” nations that were evidently much more concerned with preserving Israeli privilege than they were with protecting basic Palestinian" rights;"

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