Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The anti-Semitic argument! Again!


  1. Stein implies Paul is an anti-semite as soon as Paul utters the word, "occupiers". They weren't even talking about Israel. Has it come to the point that being against occupation anywhere in the world makes someone an anti-semite? Actually, I suspect it was Stein's plan to call Paul an anti-semite as soon as he heard certain words: occupation, Gaza, etc., no matter what the context.

    And can someone please tell me why Ben Stein is up there talking about foreign policy? He is basically famous because he was in Ferris Beueller's Day Off and writing a bunch of self help books. He has somehow made a career of going on these shows and talking like he he's an expert on anyhthing...and you should see what he says about evolution!

  2. Something VERY wrong is taking place! It's becoming too obvious and laughable.

  3. But it's much more than occupation, isn't it?  Palestine was occupied for centuries before Palestinians were expelled from their homes and treated like shit.  The US did not occupy Iraq while enforcing cruel sanctions, which caused much suffering among ordinary Iraqis and much hatred among the Arabs towards the US.  

  4. Yeah?  Well listen to the first 16 or 17 minutes of this,  and than you will have no doubts why we are hated -


    Plus,  it is ridiculous to say that occupation merely takes place with boots on the gorund,  it can be a proxy acticity.  I mean I am just amazed at the ignorance of many people,  not one ounce of understanding or grasp of what is taking place in the world.  Sad commentary