Tuesday, December 22, 2009

On Dec. 21 The Media Line ran an article titled, Palestinians Spend Half Billion on Settlement Products. The PA recently decided to ban the sale of settlement goods in Palestinian stores in the West Bank. They say no settlement goods will be on the shelves after 2010. To underscore their seriousness, they staged a Dec. 16 photo op of PA customs officials dumping $55,000 worth of Ahava cosmetics seized from stores in Jericho, then destroyed them.
But banning settlement goods isn't all they're up to:


  1. hm.  since we can assume the PA are shameless collaborators, this is one of two things:

    1. they came to their senses and genuinely want to do something good.

    2.  this is another attempt by USrael to revive the PA and the US is paying for the lost revenue for the settlements.

    or what's another explanation? i dont get it.

  2. and it says after 2010.  does that mean jan. 1? 

  3. The PA's trying to gain some domestic support and thereby legitimacy after Abbas's last debacle .

  4. I never bought anything with hebrew on it.  But fruits and vegetables you can't really tell. 

  5. Usually there are little stickers on fruits and veggies. Also you can ask about the origin of the produce.