Sunday, December 27, 2009

"Anyone who is arbitrarily declared a “suspected enemy combatant” by the president or his designated minions is no longer a “person.” They will simply cease to exist as a legal entity. They will have no inherent rights, no human rights, no legal standing whatsoever"


  1. i don't know, tgia.  i haven't read the opinions, but this guy's reasoning is a little strange. 

    the statute applies to all persons, the court didn't apply the statute, so that means the court does not consider the plaintiffs persons and thus the justice dept and obama doesn't consider the detainees persons.  i mean there could be other reasons the statute didn't apply.

  2. Here is what Obama did Yasmin,  he declared otherwise in an executive order,  and that fortified the position he denied in the highest court in the land.  So in essence,  depending on the whim,  if he wishes to protect those who committed atrocities under the Bush administration this applies,  but if he wishes to he does not need to apply the non-personhood status in his own administration.  Like most law,  which merely protects the rear of the ruling and moneyed elite,  he can have it both ways.

  3. i guess i have to read more b/c i'm not following