Friday, December 18, 2009

Israel shuts down all commercial crossings with Gaza and armored vehicles raze agricultural lands

The Israeli authorities closed down all the commercial crossings between Israel and the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip on Friday, the Palestinian side said.

As the starving doctrine states, no production allowed either

"The witnesses said five Israeli army bulldozers backed by three armored vehicles drove about 350 meters into the area and razed agricultural lands east of the refugee camp."


  1. The genocide continues,  now in the name of hating Hamas

  2. I didn't read the linked article.  Too tired.  But in a scant week it will be one year since Israel attacked Gaza.  Are they pushing to do it again?

  3. To all Palestinians, do not respond to the constant Israeli harassment as now applied in and around Gaza by firing unguided rockets that cause no damage or injury to the enemy. This is what they want. They have chosen the timing of their inhuman aggression most carefully. The media is on vacation and the world is in a holyday stupor. God help us.