Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Abbas: I prevented intifada during Gaza war

Bethlehem – Ma’an – President Mahmoud Abbas said in an interview published on Tuesday that he stopped a third Palestinian intifada from occurring during the Israeli offensive against Gaza last winter

Speaking to New York’s Wall Street Journal, Abbas also said he would not allow another uprising to take place as long as he stays in office.
Full transcript of the interview with the Wall street Journal here.
I'm guessing your masters wouldn't have liked it a single bit, OH NO!


  1. i don't understand how the whole population hasn't gone postal by now.

  2. <span>Well the answer is there your honor..Abbas' job was to ensure there wouldn't be one..He thawrted it in concert with his US/Israeli masters. That's why he said (upon announcing that he wouldn't be running for president" :" Go and find another donkey"...He realizes he's been used as a beast of  burden all along.

  3. i'm sure he has a lot of dollars to compensate for his hurt feelings.

  4. Sometimes it pays to be a donkey.

  5. Maybe Abbas felt that fighting a war with Israel in Dec'08/Jan'09 was premature? Maybe Abbas wanted more time to train and equip the Palestinians National Security Forces?

    I think it was premature for Hamas to fight Israel in Dec'08. Hamas' fighters were not ready.

  6. Abbas: "I am complicit in a war crime."

  7. <span> fighting a war with Israel</span>
    Do you know what intifada means? Uprising, and it's usually the population NOT the gov't forces who are involved..You got things tragically mixed up..