Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Published Document States Khamenei Is Planning to Escape to Russia …Update: Khamenei’s Jet Put on Standby


  1. Maybe the CIA is providing the plane? Or is it the CIA who is behind all of the protests? No, wait. The CIA, MI5, and Mossad are doing everything....except for what the Queen of England is personally directing. of course.

  2. We have the nuts running all over the street here for a "freer Iran."  In reality,  these people are so scared that they will be lumped with Iran and demonized that they have become "super-patriots,"  running around with American flags. 

    Interesting that the "breaking news" is from a funde site,  too bad they cannot interpret from a censored document - but they sure can post some wild theories according to their out of control ideology (complete with International Terrorism training" at the bottom of the page) at Planet Iran (original source)...LOL  They have an unmistable smell,  like the supporters of the Iraq invasion and sanctions that killed over a million people. The "Persian" almost calls out for a complete nuke of Iran.

  3. While I am at it,  since the MSM has gone almost blank except for sporatic violence in Iraq,  see what is really taking place there now,  and reflect on the fact that if Iran is also attacked that we are looking at the same tragic case scenario.  As an aside see if it does not reflect what I have described by real reporters on the ground. From KPFA December 30th 2009 -