Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"I saw one of my legs had been blown off"

Attacked by an Israeli drone
In a short film by Medical Aid for Palestinians, Wafa al-Radia tells how she, pregnant about to give birth, and her sister were attacked by an Israeli drone last year during the Gaza onslaught


  1. Yes,  the drones stalk innocent civilians,  and attack them.  There is a similar story on Mondoweiss,  only they were not so lucky.  They got that "merciful call" from the IOF (Immoral Occupation Force),  the husband said he would stay regardless,  so the women and daughters left for safety.  Wrong move -

    "The Apache was waiting for this moment as they changed their mind and targeted the mother and her daughters leaving the house, they fired a rocket, exploded their bodies and made them parts, each part in a place."

  2. Yes v, I saw Khulud's post today but did not have the time to read it.