Wednesday, April 3, 2013

US hands off North Korea!

If the US weren’t presently threatening North Korea with Stealth & B-52 bombers & marshaling missile systems pointed at Pyongyang, the anti-Korean propaganda would be the stuff of Monty Python skits. The media mantra is that North Korea is a secretive state, a hermetic state, an enigma wrapped in a goose step. And this rubbish from a country with the Pentagon & the impenetrable Langley headquarters of the CIA & surveillance drones over the borders & the School of the Americas training psychopaths in the art of warfare!

These sneaky little North Korean children appear so innocent as they wave to passengers on a Chinese tourist boat on the banks of Yalu River opposite the Chinese city of Dandong. Don’t trust them! They’re up to no good! They’re probably agents of North Korean intelligence. Or they could just be the welcome wagon for North Korean tourism. All we know is that the US has no right to threaten them--regardless of the problems of their leadership.

US hands off North Korea!

(Photo by Jacky Chen/Reuters)

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