Friday, April 26, 2013

Bush & the junk science of IQ

There’s a lot of coverage lately about Bush’s low IQ & low achievement in elite universities in order to discredit him. But judging people by their intelligence has been proven utterly bankrupt by the disability rights movement, in particular the self-advocacy movement of those with learning difficulties.

It is no defense of Bush to say there isn’t a shred of validity to the discredited “science” of IQ. It is a demeaning scam to suggest a number can encompass the breadth & depth of human understanding--which is not just centered in the head. Certainly such trivial false science has no determination of human worth & wisdom.

As for getting into Harvard & Yale, they report that at least 60% of student positions are purchased by wealthy parent donations & have nothing to do with scholarly merit. You also have to explain why Yale & Harvard graduates Clinton & Obama with their high IQs end up spouting the same rubbish as Bush with his low IQ.

The problem is not low intelligence. We’ve all known geniuses & brilliant thinkers (some in the self- advocacy movement) who couldn’t get through the doors of Harvard or Yale with a free pass. For Bush, the problem is privilege, which is a difficult thing to overcome. His stupidity & insularity are directly related to the easy ride he’s had in life. There are electricians & machinists or for that matter, bookies who could run rings around him in a fair debate.

It should be stated though that calling Bush an idiot or moron or halfwit is not an insult to those with learning disabilities. Those terms have not been used to categorize levels of disability for several decades now because they are repugnant. But they most certainly continue to hold force in describing politicians like Bush & Obama & Clinton who mouth the most rancid idiocies in defense of their international crime sprees.

In this photo of Bush, we don’t know what he’s trying to signal. Peace? A table for four? Or is there some validity to the conspiracy thinkers who think he belongs to a secret Masonic cabal? Who knows? Certainly not him!

(Photo by AFP)

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