Monday, April 22, 2013

The face of political leadership

Despite the suspension of the Rios Montt trial, a judge from the three-panel hearing ruled the annulment illegal & appealed to the Constitutional Court which is implicated in the suspension. There have been so many attempts to legally outsmart the defendants over the past 30 years that they probably could all hold advanced law degrees by now.

They’re certainly far too sophisticated to rely on a compromised judicial system to deliver justice. So here they are out marching from the compromised Supreme Court of Justice to the equally compromised Constitutional Court to demand the genocide trial be reconvened. Mass political pressure is far more persuasive than a lawyer’s brief.

This Mayan protestor stands with the women of Bahrain & Tahrir Square & the West Bank & Bhopal as models for freedom fighters around the world--& not just for women. They are our teachers & our leaders in the struggle for social transformation. They could not do women & the entire human race more proud!

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