Thursday, April 4, 2013

Privilege is a hard thing to overcome

Colombian president, Juan Manuel Santos is from the elite oligarchy. He has impeccable credentials as a man of insular privilege, a man who’s never wanted for anything in his life. Except intelligence & a human heart--because privilege is a hard thing to overcome. As a former defense minister, he admitted the military used extrajudicial executions, which is the politic term for assassinations & mass murder. Colombia has relied heavily on Israeli military special operatives & in October 2012 Santos received an award from a leading Zionist organization for his commitment to international peace. Netanyahu & Santos both consider extrajudicial justice tools for peace. At the acceptance ceremony, Santos said it was a privilege to be among those who shared his vision for human rights, justice, & understanding between countries--in other words, for dystopia! The guy’s a real creep!

Although he’s 61-years-old, he just made his first ever visit to a poor neighborhood known as Bronx Street in downtown Bogota. His usual milieu is country clubs & manorial estates. Bronx street is a center of drug abuse & homelessness which Santos describes as a “factory of evil.” So poverty & unemployment & hopelessness are now “evil?” Well our man has got that right! Only the evil emanates from his class & his way of operating, not that of the dispossessed! Why else is a heavily armed storm trooper directing an assault weapon at unarmed people sleeping on public streets!?

(Photo by AP)

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