Friday, April 19, 2013

Black & Arab workers "disappeared" lest they be Muslim

According to an official complaint by the SUD-Rail transport union in Paris, Black & Arab workers were “disappeared” when Israeli president Shimon Peres arrived on a train from Belgium (March 8th) to discuss what is euphemistically called the “Middle East peace process” with French president Francois Hollande. According to the SUD complaint, the racist exclusion was to ensure there were no Muslim workers greeting Peres & was based solely on the appearance of workers. But we all know there are plenty of white Muslims & plenty of Black & Arab Christians. Peres & his delegation were greeted only by white workers from France’s state-owned railway SNCF & their subsidiary of baggage handlers.

When SNCF was publicly accused, they blamed the despicable exclusion on security protocol directed from the Israeli Embassy in Paris & the French Interior Minister Manuel Valls (the same creep directing the forcible evictions of Roma from their settlements & from France). Now SNCF claims the order came from management & pledges to investigate. It could have come from any of the three since they form a league of treachery & the investigation will more likely be a collusion on how to explain away their racist security protocols.

The odious irony here? SNCF played a role in the holocausts of WWII by entraining victims out of Gare du Nord to death camps in Germany & only made its first formal apology to victims in 2011.

(Photo is headline from several media sources)

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