Sunday, April 28, 2013

"Exile A myth unearthed" the film the BBC censored


As some of you know, my film EXILE, A MYTH UNEARTHED, which examines the myth of the Jewish EXILE and its political impact on both Israeli Jews and Palestinians in the Middle East, was going to be shown on the BBC Thursday April 25th. It was pulled out of the schedule only a few days earlier.
Since than I was flooded by dozens of emails of angry and concerned viewers asking what happened.   To be honest I debated whether to tell the story of what I think had happened. I have worked with the BBC in the past on some programs that were deemed controversial and I never had any political censorship. On the contrary I was impressed by the integrity and fairness of the people I dealt with.
So based on my past experience, I was going to wait patiently until the BBC programming executives would solve the internal drama that apparently has begun to brew inside the BBC.  “The film is gorgeous, courageous and fresh, “ I was told several times by the programming executives. I was promised that the cancellation was temporary: “Given the short timescale and your workload, we have decided to delay transmission until we’ve had the chance you’ve had the chance to go through it in detail”.  
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  1. I was quite surprised when I saw this film advertised in the "Radio Times". Not BBC material, was my first thought.
    I turned on BBC4 at the scheduled time and saw that they'd pulled it and replaced it with another film. I assumed that the BBC had been got at by the zionist lobby (internal as well as external) that it inevitably surrenders to. But no - reading Ilan Ziv's account we learn that they surrendered without a shot being fired.
    True to form, the gutless BBC.