Sunday, April 28, 2013

Cracking jokes for imperialism

Last night they held the annual White House Correspondents' dinner where the president gets together with journalists, movie stars, sycophants & minions of all hue to whoop it up & make sport of US government criminality. Is it catty to say Michelle Obama’s false eyelashes are even longer than those worn by movie stars!? When she bats them they cover up her cleavage. Though they don't distract from the purpose of the evening: humor as political apologetics.

This annual event is a telling ritual explaining the obscurantist character of media reporting & how they get high-paid actors to glorify war, the military & CIA, portray most women as idiotic & Blacks & Latinos as low-life criminals. It doesn’t take much to buy some people’s souls--just a free meal at the White House surrounded by others who don’t mind being used to peddle propaganda.

Obama identified this photo from his repertoire of jokes as his library next to the Bush library. He should think twice before mocking the most commonly repeated defense for his crimes by supporters.

He got a lot of obedient laughs for saying he would morph in his second term from a “strapping young Muslim socialist” to a retiree golfer. We got news for your pal! Neither the Muslims nor the socialists want to claim you! The oligarchs can have you!

(Photo from video of Obama’s schtick via

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