Saturday, April 13, 2013

There is no neutral path to justice!

The US spares no expense--or indignity--in welcoming undocumented immigrants from Mexico & Central America. For those caught crossing the border without papers, first stop: a US Border Patrol detainee processing center. This photo is of a holding cell where young & old, male, female, & child detainees are processed--either for immediate deportation or to a modern concentration camp where entire families, including children are held--often in tent facilities.

Family detention centers for immigrants under the Obama regime are growing like octopuses. There have been many protests by immigration rights activists & hunger strikes at many facilities to protest human rights violations like verbal & physical abuse, lack of medical care, windowless facilities, improper diet (including maggots in the food), lack of due process.

There are an unprecedented number of unaccompanied minor children crossing the US-Mexican border (nearly 15,000 in 2012) who without sufficient social services or advocates are warehoused in military barracks without emotional or social services. They come seeking their parents or because they are orphaned & have no place else to go.

US working people have a choice to make: whose side are we on!? Screwing up that choice based on racism & xenophobia? Or advancing human liberation by choosing human solidarity! There is no third way.

Immigration is a human right! Open up the borders!

(Photo by John Moore/Getty)

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