Monday, April 8, 2013

Good riddance to old Maggot!

“Margaret Thatcher was an evil, vindictive Tory who hated working people & will herself go down in history as the most hated British Prime Minister of the 20th century. She brought misery to the lives of millions of people. She degraded the public culture of British society, bringing a brutality to political discourse which outlives her. The spivs and swindlers of the City of London and the yellow press bovver boys will no doubt mourn her. I say good riddance.”

There’s international dancing in the streets at the death of old Maggot. Jubilation is tempered with regret the vile woman didn’t face prosecution for her crimes. To paraphrase Shakespeare, “We’ve come to dump her helmet head & wretched corpse, not to praise her. The evil that she did lives after her.” May she burn in hell! Amen.

(The lady was a caricaturist’s dream since everything about her was odious. This one, which looks better than she did in actual life, shows her as a hatchet with vulture qualities & was done about her cutting the National Health Service. Regrettably it doesn't capture her constipated sneer. By Chris Madden.)

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