Monday, April 15, 2013

Eulogies for servility

Buckingham Palace minions have announced Betty Windsor will attend the elaborate military funeral of Thatcher on Wednesday. Betty & the old girl had so much in common: they shared the same hair dresser, both married creeps, & both spoke in the royal we. Apparently this aggravated Betty since she thought she was the only one who should refer to herself in the plural.

The obligatory chorus of eulogies from the world’s politicians pour in, led by Obama referring to Thatcher with her feudal title “Baroness” & calling her “one of the great champions of freedom & liberty.” Such praise don’t mean squat coming from the guy who maintains Guantanamo, is trying to destroy the Bill of Rights, & put seniors & the disabled out on the street.

Rehearsals with foot & mounted soldiers are going on to make sure the funeral comes off without a hitch. Political figures from around the world are flying in to pretend someone gives a damn the old girl croaked. But there won’t be a wet eye in the house so they’re hiring professional mourners to sit in the balconies at St. Paul’s Cathedral & wail up a storm.

This photo is of Thatcher greeting Betty (in 2005) with a curtsy. What greatness is there in servility to power!?

A private cremation will follow the funeral. The fires of hell will come later.

(Photo by Odd Andersen/AFP)

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